She’Knead This D No. 2 – Drink

She Knead This D is a series of video shorts in which She’Knead Thisgig shares stories that detail “one of the many times she needed this D.” In each episode, the D she needs is a different noun that begins with the letter “D.”

No. 2 – Drink

In this episode, Miss Thisgig finds herself really thirsting for some D. Unfortunately, being in a city that doesn’t serve black sluts, She’Kneads to jump a few hoops to get her thirst quenched.


I wrote the script for She’Knead This D. No 2 and recorded the voiceover at Sun Queen Studios in Georgia. My little brother recorded the videos and captured stills of She’Knead in front of the green screen. I keyed out the footage and placed it in these digital composites created using Adobe Photoshop.


This video includes symbols from African American culture including the power figure, conflict with racism in Savannah, GA, and a nod to the underground railroad. For episode 2 of the She’Knead This Drink series, I wanted to highlight more illustration and storybook elements. She chants incantations, drinks secret punches a la Goldilocks, and gets into a scuffle with police outside the PRADA Marfa display. When she jumps into a pond of water and climbs through tiny doors to accesses her safe spaces, there is an extra layer of magic and sci-fi that makes She’Knead This Drink so charming.